Sales Force

Automating your Sales Force.

Sage CRM gives your sales team the tools to do their job more effectively.
You get complete, accurate, up to date information about your customers and all the necessary data to develop new sales leads. This helps your sales team prioritise their target customers, focus on the big wins and increase productivity.
All in one place

Sage CRM gives you instant access to your calendars, sales accounts, opportunities, emails, documents, quoations, contacts and call lists. It is an easy to use tool for storing the latest updates on sales leads, scheduling future calls and managing day-to-day sales activities.

MY CRM allows you to see everything associated with you and Team CRM allows you to see everything associated with your Team.

Easy to access, anytime, anywhere


Sage CRM lets sales people access sales information on the move or working remotely. You can access Sage CRM online from iPhone, Android, Blackberry or Windows mobile devices. There are now also offline apps for your iPhone and Android phones.

You never need to walk into a meeting un-prepared as you can simply check your phones for any conversations, emails, outstanding tasks, and potential customer service issues with the client.

Interactive dashboard


The Sage CRM interactive dashboard is a highly visual workspace which you can customise to suit your individual needs.

Graphs and tables allow you to get every detail. It lets you manage activities effectively and you can instantly track progress without having to switch between screens.

You can visually track performance of your team.

Improves communication between front and back-office staff

Integration with Sage Accounts modules gives sales staff access to both financial and non-financial customer data. Staff are able to work together more effectively to meet objectives when the customer interactions across departments and activities are clearly visible.

For example, data from Sage ERP would allow a sales manager to check availability of stock across different locations and review the status of orders without having to wait to ask colleagues. It helps remove the potential for delays and ensures that you can give customers accurate information and improve customer service.

Sales Force Automation


Sales opportunities and the sales pipeline can be analysed instantly within Sage CRM. This lets your sales staff focus their efforts on opportunities to close sales and identify prospective customers in the pipeline that need more focus.

Follow-up actions can be assigned to the personnel best qualified to handle those leads – this maximises your staff productivity. Sage CRM also lets you specify lead assignment rules based on sales territories so you can evaluate performance by territory.



sales_f3‘Workflow’ is available ‘out-of-the-box’ to help you get your sales teams working smoothly with all your business processes. It is straight forward to customise Workflow to match your business. As a result, with all sales people following the same work process no opportunities are lost and productivity improves.

Sales Forecasting

Because Sage CRM gives you point and click reporting and graphs as standard, sales teams always have easy access to detailed business data and graphs and can make informed decisions.

This simplifies forecasting because it lets you plan and predict future business performance. All graphs and reports are available instantly on the Interactive Dashboard.

Speeds up quote and order generation

The sales team can easily access all product details in CRM so that accurate, up to date information can be viewed quickly and used in sales proposals and quotes.

Pre-defined templates help you quickly generate sales proposals and quotes ensuring that your sales teams maximise productivity. Because it improves accuracy and is so quick, Sage CRM helps you to be more responsive to your customers.

Key Benefits:

  • Sales Pipleline

    You can see just about everything in the ‘sales pipeline’ so you can increase your prospect to customer conversion rate. templates_sm.png

  • Metrics

    You can identify and measure your most valuable customers saving_time_sm.png

  • One View

    The sales team can maximise their use of time because they get a single view of information which is both relevant and comprehensive. work_together_sm.png

  • Sales Costs

    This software helps you reduce sales training and administration costs tools_sm.png

  • Interactive Dashboard

    Used smartly, the Interactive Dashboard boosts your sales team’s productivity scanner_mobile_sm.png

  • Integration

    You get seamless integration with MS – this lets your field-based sales team access real-time calendar, task and contact information on any smart phone. tools_sm.png

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